What makes a brilliant athlete?

Leadership. Courage. Tenacity. Passion. Belief.

At Athlead, we believe athletes can use these same attributes to change the world. To improve the lives of countless others, by following their passion and standing up for their beliefs.

But being a professional athlete means a life of high pressure competition, and hours of gruelling training each day. It leaves very little time to ask the questions every athlete-activist should ask:

  • What do I want to achieve? (and am I ready to do it?)
  • What cause can I support?
  • How can I best support that cause? (and what do I say when other causes ask for help?)
  • What kind of commitment will I need to make?
  • Should I set up my own foundation, or work with others?
  • How do I know my support is really making a difference where it is needed most?

That’s why we founded Athlead. We are the UK’s first not-for-profit consultancy specialising in athlete-led charity and social change. We help you as a professional athlete answer these tricky questions, and get the best results for causes close to your heart, with the time and resources available to you.

And, because we believe that good work should benefit everyone, we also make sure your efforts help improve the value and longevity of your brand.

Our services include:

  • Understanding your interests and social concerns
  • Identifying the cause best suited to you
  • Developing your social change strategy to best support that cause
  • Working with experts to help design and deliver that strategy
  • Setting up your foundation or charitable partnership
  • Building a fundraising strategy and brokering corporate partnerships
  • Measuring and communicating your success so others can follow in your footsteps
  • Dealing with marketing, PR and social media

Join Athlead: forge a legacy that will outlive the competition, and change the world forever.